SpriteKit and Swift – converting a project from Objective-C

In November 2013 I was looking for an excuse to play with SpriteKit and came up with the idea for a mini-game with a Christmas theme. This is what it looks like:

When Swift was announced at WWDC 2014 I was eager to give it a try and looked through my grab bag of side projects for a suitable candidate to try migrating a project from Objective-C to Swift. ’Shooter‘ was a good candidate, because it‘s not too big but also not too trivial.

The source code is available on github and I‘m planning to post about lessons learned when transitioning from Objective-C to Swift in a future update. However, the commit history already tells a pretty decent story of the transition. Commit ab6df2e merges the ‘swift’ branch into master and 8ed7782 is where the journey starts.