A macOS utility to make window management a breeze

Hummingbird is a utility to allow easy moving and resizing of windows by holding modifier keys and dragging your mouse to move and resize windows.

Hold down a modifier key combination like Control and Option and move you mouse pointer over a window to "grab" it anywhere to move it. Similarly, hold down a different modifier key combination to resize the window as if you were dragging from the bottom right window corner from within anywhere in the window.

Hummingbird brings the move and resize behaviour known from Unix window managers to macOS.


menu cropped.png

After launching, Hummingbird is accessible via a menu bar item.

Here, you’ll find its preferences and statistics for your current “Hummingbird mileage”.

On first use you will need to grant permissions for Accessibility Access. This is required so Hummingbird can move and resize windows of other apps.

Recent macOS versions have added a security feature to prevent this by default, asking you as the user to allow this access. Please note that Hummingbird does not send any window data anywhere.

The statistics Hummingbird displays are only recorded on your Mac.


You will see an alert directing you to System Preferences.

Please click on “Open System Preferences” here in order to go to the “Accessibility” section of your “Security & Privacy” settings.


In “Privacy” tab of your “Security & Privacy” settings, please authenticate and make sure the entry for "Hummingbird" under “Accessibility” is checked as indicated below.

This setting allows Hummingbird to control your windows for you.


You can configure the move and resize keyboard shortcuts in Hummingbird’s preferences