Hummingbird Help & FAQ

Sometimes things don’t quite go as planned. Find below answers to common problems and if things are still a bit wedged or you have questions or comments, please get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I grant accessibility access?

You can enable accessibility access in System Preferences / Security & Privacy / Privacy / Accessibility. Make sure the entry for Hummingbird is checked.

Please refer to this page describing the process in more detail, including screenshots.

Why do I need to grant accessibility access?

Accessibility access is required so Hummingbird can move and resize windows of other apps. Without these permissions, Hummingbird does not work.

Recent macOS versions have added a security feature asking you as the user to allow this access. Please note that Hummingbird does not record or send any data. The sole purpose for this is to read the positions and sizes of windows and modify them according to your mouse or trackpad actions.

I have granted access but I cannot move or resize windows

In rare cases it can happen that the permissions are not applied properly. Simply uncheck and check the box again in System Preferences to allow access.