Granting Accessibility Access in System Preferences

Why is this needed?

On first launch, Hummingbird will ask you to grant Accessibility Access permissions. This is required so Hummingbird can move and resize windows of other apps. Without these permissions, Hummingbird does not work.

Recent macOS versions have added a security feature asking you as the user to allow this access. Please note that Hummingbird does not record or send any data. The sole purpose for this is to read the positions and sizes of windows and modify them according to your mouse or trackpad actions.


How do I grant permissions?

The sytem dialog alerting you about Accessibility Access is shown on the left.

Please click on “Open System Preferences” here in order to go to the “Accessibility” section of your “Security & Privacy” settings.


In the “Privacy” tab of your “Security & Privacy” settings, please authenticate and make sure the entry for "Hummingbird" under “Accessibility” is checked as indicated below.